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We Are: Vertical market enterprise software operating company

Why We Exist: To provide long-term capital and operational expertise that enables software companies to thrive

Our Vision: Acquire and scale market-leading software products and become the most attractive liquidity option for software business owners looking to preserve their legacy and values



Waverock is led by Mike Rozenfeld. Mike is a software entrepreneur and investor with experience in operations, acquisitions, capital structure, strategy, sales and marketing. His passion for building software companies in a collaborative environment and smart capital allocation led him to launch Waverock Software. Prior to starting Waverock, Mike served as a CEO of a healthcare SaaS business that helped hospital systems complete $90B of complex capital equipment projects. Mike also worked in venture development, private equity, and management consulting. He holds a BBA from The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

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Mike Rozenfeld


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