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We pride ourselves on being the most attractive liquidity option for software business owners looking to preserve their legacy and values. Waverock allows owners the option to remain with the business, or move-on to pursue new endeavors. In either case, Waverock is a long-term holder, committed to providing a stable home for your business, employees, and customers.


Founders + Waverock is an unbeatable combination. Waverock’s only business is vertical market software. We allow our businesses to operate as independent units, while supporting them with best practices, need based coaching, and access to a team of knowledgeable executives that fosters professional growth.


The Waverock platform offers your employees the added security of employment in a larger company, access to enhanced benefits, resources, and profit-sharing. We are committed to providing employees with formal management training, ongoing mentoring, and opportunity for career growth and advancement.


Waverock prioritizes customer continuity, by preserving key contacts and customer relationships with existing team members. Customers benefit from Waverock’s investment in your products, rolling-out enhanced features and new product development. 


We will provide the capital and resources to execute on the founder’s vision, by investing in your products and your team for the long-haul. 

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